Depending on the Customer’s expectations, the specificity of the project and the cards’ or packs’ delivery destination, we are able to select the type and size of packaging that best reflects the outlined objective.

Gift cards or loyalty cards are often supplied in predetermined numbers to a certain trade outlet. In order to provide tracking of any individual card or a group of cards, there is a possibility of packing small volumes of cards in separate boxes of 25, 50 or 100 pieces, for instance, and labelling them with a collective EAN13 code that will facilitate Customer’s identification of the cards in a particular box on the basis of the database provided to the Customer.
Many Customers wish to have their products packed in thermo shrink foil that protects the products against mechanical damage and weather conditions. We have a special technological line for packing various items in foil of various thicknesses. 

To protect the product against abrasions, moisture or damage we propose to pack the products in various size foil bags. Matching may be performed both manually and mechanically. The bags may be made of various types of foil, perforated, with separable or permanent adhesive, with a grip seal or euro hanger.

Packing a product in blister foil is an interesting solution that is both visually attractive and protects the product against damage or dirt. 
We offer our Customers with PET transparent thermally welded blister foil of various shapes.
The blisters on the foil match the size of the packed product. Additionally, in case of a product designed to be displayed in shops they may be equipped with euro hanger.
Our co-operation with the Customer includes our technical assistance in designing the blister foil and the preparation of a sample packaging for the Customer’s acceptance.