Matching - completion of package


The inventiveness of marketing agency creators results in the need for manual operations to be performed in relation to an increasing number of packages to be sent, packaging and spatial elements. This particularly concerns unique projects that are executed in both small and large series circulation.

Argo Card possesses three halls of the total area of 1200 m2 where up to 100 labour stands may be activated. The maximum daily capacity of the process reaches even 300 000 packages. Very well organised transport routes both from the production halls and from the supplies storage area make it possible to design and execute an effective process of matching involving Argo Card manufactured elements as well as the entrusted materials.  

Should extreme confidentiality be required in relation to a project, the halls may be redesigned in the way that will separate the technological process from other simultaneously conducted projects while limiting the access to the restricted area only for the specially selected staff. This reflects the stringent security policy of Argo Card.

The basic scope of operations executed by Matching Department of Argo Card includes:

•    packing Customer’s products into Argo Card or Customer provided packaging (cardboard boxes, foil bags, card cases, flexi boxes, packing PVC or PE in thermo shrink foil to join or protect the products),
•    applying the card on a carrier (a letter, a leaflet or Customer’s other material),
•    applying self-adhesive, address or protective/sealing labels etc.,
•    adding samples or free items to the products,
•    creation of multipacks (consisting of a few uniform products),
•    preparation of promotion sets,
•    placing letters or marketing leaflets in envelopes,
•    unpacking and repacking of products (change of packaging).  

Matching Department is also prepared to execute non-standard orders that require good organisation, short time of performance, precision and high quality service.