In accordance with the strategy of Argo Card, our co-operation with a Customer, by principle, commences at the moment of the production of a plastic card. It is our objective and ambition to propose full, professional and comprehensive service to our Customer.

With reference to the above, Argo Card provides its Customers with a wide range of services based on the Department of Co-packaging, Personalisation and Mailing. Owing to the proper facilities and the qualified staff, we are prepared to execute even the most demanding tasks. Our specialisation is in manual co-packing of packages, packing item using various techniques, an advanced system of distribution and mailing and handling of forms.

We apply advanced IT systems when designing and executing projects. Some of the systems were created solely for the needs of the execution of one, unique project in accordance with the individual expectations of the Customer.

With regard to the high flexibility of both our staff and the production system, we address our offer particularly to the Customers who are demanding and creative, to Customers who expect a business partner demonstrating timely performance and high business culture and who operates on the basis of the highest quality standards.