Security policy

In case of such large scale data handling, i.e. during operation of complex personal databases, every detail and every single card matters, security is of a fundamental importance.

Our new Personalization and Mailing Centre which occupies an area of about 3000 m2 was designed to live up to the most severe security standards specified by international institutions. In addition, with a view to guaranteeing our Customers' data security we took into consideration national standards especially Personal Data Protection Act of 29th August 1997.

25 CCTV cameras monitor and record the pictures of areas continuously. Access to each area is controlled by the chip cards system. A special lock in the Personalization and Mailing Centre enables secure indoor loading (a driver does not have access to the secure production zone). Data and product security is guaranteed also by other protection procedures and facilities, such as:

- 12 zones of limited access with system monitoring personnel movement,
- One-way personal access locks,
- Professional mechanical protection (locks, gratings, safety glass, doors and gates),
- Physically separated computer network,
- Registered access to the network.