Personalization procedure is carried out entirely in our Personalization and Mailing Centre and is fully protected according to the Personal Data Protection Act. All procedures are executed on the strength of the highest international norms and standards. Our Customers' data security has been always of the highest priority for us.

GRAPHIC PERSONALIZATION - Unique information is placed on a card in a visual form and of any shape and colour. The most common data printed on cards include card number, name and surname, owner's picture, validity period, bar code. The overprint may be monochromatic or in colour. Graphic personalization uses several methods of putting individual elements on a card:

- DOD method - Precise printing using special ink fixed with UV radiation.
- Embossing - Inscriptions and numbers pressing.
- Thermal printing - Putting on a card a thin layer of colour foil.
- Thermo sublimation - colorful printing on a card (e.g. photograph).
- Retransfer printing - Placing printed foil on the whole card.

MAGNETIC PERSONALIZATION - Refers to cards which are equipped with magnetic strip and will be used for automatic identification. Information is encoded on a magnetic strip usually together with graphic personalization - during one run through the line to personalization. Nowadays, the most popular are HICO (high coercivity) cards which are more resistant to demagnetization. The strip coercivity rate is high (approximately 4000 Oe) and data is recorded on three tracks: the first allows to record 75 alphanumerical digits, the second - 40 numerical digits, and the third - 107 numerical digits. On the market you can still find LOCO (low coercivity) cards where strip coercivity rate is low (approximately 350 Oe) and therefore are more vulnerable to demagnetization.

ELECTRONIC PERSONALIZATION - Refers to the cards which are equipped with an electronic circuit, i.e. chip cards, proximity cards, hybrid cards and dual cards. Before electronic cards are personalized it is necessary to define the type of electronic circuit and determine data range and application which are going to be recorded in the electronic card memory.
For several years now we have been working on Cardline Versa system produced by a German company Atlantic Zeiser and it is worth noting that we are one of only 50 companies from all over the world who pride themselves on using this advanced technology. The system is able to personalize up to 40000 cards per hour and it can work on materials of unusual shapes and dimensions. Cardline Versa makes it possible to encode magnetic strip placed in different, non-typical locations on the cards. It should be noted that the scanner allows for one pass personalization of both card sides and this refers to all kinds of cards: gift cards, loyalty cards, member cards, pre-paid cards and any kind of vouchers. The Cardline Versa that we operate has additional equipment which continuously monitors personalization process by means of a camera system. Any errors are reported electronically and failure details are sent to the print repeat system.