Other products and services

The thing that distinguishes Argo Card in the plastic card market place is a complex service offered to our Customers. Our proposals include the integrated design of the card, its production and personalization, as well as organizing and carrying out mail shots and provide IT support of database management. Even the most complicated project will be initiated with one Customer order.

We have experience and back-up facilities needed even for the most specialized services and products. Some of which are presented below.

We manufacture a series of printed plastics, which eventually acquire a completely different shape than the plastic card we have always associated with.

Thanks to the latest technology and equipment we are able to produce different items made of plastics of any shape. What is even more important is that we can personalize those non-typical products just like we personalize every single regular plastic card. We have produced cell phones dummies with owner's name and surname, as well as luggage labels for customers of specific travel agencies or key fobs with bar codes.

If you have an idea for printing on plastic material-we will realize it.

Many of our Customers take advantage of having their products wrapped in heat shrink foil which protects products from damage and atmospheric conditions. We are equipped with a special technological line which will wrap any product in foil of various thicknesses and colours.

If you require additional protection for your product, ask for our pricing.

Since designers working in advertising agencies are often very creative and imaginative it is sometimes necessary to perform many operations by hand in order to realize their designs. With reference to specific, original, one off projects with low volumes. Such services we are also able to offer. We have available dozens of work benches and our experienced staff is able to manually assemble the most complicated shapes and designs in a very short period of time.

We are equipped with ultramodern machines and devices but if our Customer requires it we will eagerly roll up our sleeves.

We offer our customers a complex service and that is why we are not afraid to accept even the most unusual orders but always we realize them with accuracy and deliver them on time. We capitalize on having the best suppliers and subcontractors as the final product is always marked with our logo which guarantees confidence and professionalism.

We do it all for our Customers' comfort because we respect their time