While conducting and developing its business activity Argo Card takes into consideration ecological criteria. A few years ago, when decisions were made regarding the choosing of new production line technology, ecological criteria played a significant role in choosing the waterless printing method.

This innovative offset printing technology without moistening requires special offset plates with oleo phobic silicone layer. In the procedure of producing printing plates, laser exposure device is used which eliminates the necessity of film exposure and then developing and thus saving pictures on film. The procedure using film generates large chemical waste and requires producing pictures on a film first which after exposure, becomes a production waste.

nternational Waterless Printing Association is a worldwide association of companies using waterless printing technology which supports development of waterless printing technology and emphasizes its ecological advantages. The main ecological aspect is elimination of water and isopropyl alcohol from the printing process and significantly reduces material waste during starting the production of every new graphic design. Waterless technology guarantees greater printing contrast, colour intensity and bigger printing mechanical resistance.

Argo Card is the only Polish plastic cards manufacturer that is a member of the prestigious association called International Waterless Printing Association with its headquarters in Woodstock (USA).