We are aware that in every business activity the most important element is information we hold on our customers.
Our employees strictly follow all the procedures and the installed monitoring systems guarantee the highest security of data.
Our new Personalization and Mailing Centre which occupies an area of about 3000 m2 was designed to live up to the most severe security standards specified by international standards and institutions providing certification. In addition, with a view to guaranteeing our Customers' data security, we took into consideration national standards, especially the Personal Data Protection Act of 29th August 1997.
Data and product security is guaranteed by different multi-level security and monitoring systems, such as:
- Access to every area is controlled by an access control system.
- 12 zones of limited access with system monitoring personnel movement.
- 25 CCTV cameras monitoring and recording the respective areas continuously.
- One-way personal locks.
- Security guards are present at the site 24/7;
- Professional mechanical protection (locks, gratings, safety glass, doors and gates).
- Physically separated computer network.
- Continuous personnel training on data security.
Since our Customers repose confidence in us and let us operate their databases, the word "security" is of a fundamental importance to us.

When creating applications which utilize databases we use special licensed software that is adjusted to our customer's needs and requirements by our professional IT specialists.