ICMA ACE-M Accreditation


International Card Manufacturers Association (ICMA) with its headquarters in Princeton Junction (USA) associates companies and organisations whose area of operation is production and personalisation of plastic cards. As the first in Poland, Argo Card joined this organisation in 2009.

Due to their global reach and broad application, plastic cards, their manufacturing process and the related Information Technology systems have become increasingly advanced and sophisticated. The manufacturing and quality standards, the methods of card protection and the environmental issues are of critical significance. ICMA is an association whose objective is to popularize knowledge of the areas mentioned above as well as the exchange of information and experiences among the members of the organisation.


One of the ways to care about good standards and practices is ACE certification granted to professionals who demonstrate high level knowledge and expertise. Each certificate holder must have at least two years experience in the field and has to pass the ACE certification exam for experts. The certificates cover the following areas:

- ACE-M - plastic cards manufacturing process,

- ACE-P - plastic cards personalisation standards and techniques,

- ACE-A - advanced technologies, materials, security methods and pro-ecological solutions.


As the only organisation in Poland, Argo Card may proudly present its team member who is an ACE-M certificate holder. Last year, Mr Stanisław Treder – Argo Card Printing Works Manager – took and passed the exam organised by ICMA.


More information on ACE certificates, on how to apply and what issues they cover, can be accessed at http://icma.com/ace-accreditation/