Every day ecology

We care about the natural environment

Argo Card has an indirect and direct influence on the environment - via the production processes and the products. The company continues to introduce new technologies and procedures which make production cleaner, as well as investing in the improvement of product quality, so as to make their use less harmful to the environment. For many years, Argo Card has been recycling packaging and other production waste.

Clean Production

In Argo Card plant only the latest technologies available are used, enabling sustainment of clean production, i.e. systematically reduce amount of drainage, limit raw materials, energy and water and for years the company has been recycling packaging and production waste.

Products safety

The second way of reducing possible negative influence on the environment is philosophy of producing items environmental friendly. In the next few moths we are going to launch production of biodegradable plastic cards. We are going to be the first Polish manufacturer of biodegradable cards. In addition, we are going to launch production of other products made of biodegradable material, such as plant and cloth labels.

Our activities

While conducting and developing its business activity Argo Card takes into consideration ecological criteria. Ecological endeavor is conducted on many levels and they involve the following areas:

- Minimizing influence of production activity on natural environment.
- Collection, segregation and recycling packaging and production waste.
- Limiting the use of electrical power and paper in the office.
- Convincing our clientele to use materials which are environmental friendly.
- Pursue European suppliers who guarantee that their raw materials are to EU standards.

When a few years ago decisions were made regarding the choosing of new production line technology, ecological criteria played a significant role in choosing waterless printing method, laser exposure devices and personalization using DOD methods. These modern technologies are environmental friendly due to the fact that there is no production waste. Machines using the latest technologies are more expensive then those using older technologies which produce a large amount of waste. In the procedure of producing printing plates laser exposure device is used which eliminates the necessity of film exposure and then developing and saving the picture on film. The procedure using films generates chemical waste and requires producing picture on a film which after plate exposure then becomes a production waste.

The use of waterless printing technology (dry offset) eliminates waste generated during printing on plastics. However, limiting the amount of plastics sheet during the start up of every new graphic design is also a very important aspect of using this technology. It warrants the reduction of permanent production waste.

During current operations all packaging and other production waste is collected, segregated and then sent to professional companies for recycling or utilization.

The packagings we produce are compliant with Polish regulations and law and based on the EEC Directive 94/62/WE of 20th December 1994 regarding packaging and packaging waste in the following areas:

- Capacity and weight of packaging is limited to the required minimum taking into consideration customer's expectations.
- Packaging is designed and produced in a way to make it reusable and subsequently recyclable.
- Packaging contains the smallest possible amount of materials that may be hazardous to people and their health, as well as to the environment.
- The maximum permissible amount of lead, cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chromium in packaging does not exceed 100mg/kg.

The environment is really a serious matter to us. With our activities we intend to improve the environment. We aim to introduce a solution which will be totally innovative on the plastic card Polish market namely we are going to set in motion the recycling of used and invalid plastic cards. We are currently looking for new partners who will help us achieve that goal, especially in the logistics area of collecting used cards.