CRM systems


Producing and sending mailing packs including cards and promotional materials is not where our offer ends. We are perfectly aware that for our Customers this is just the beginning, the start of their real relations with the end user. Here begins the struggle for their loyalty and creates the opportunity to identify their needs and to improve products in the framework of a long term project. That is why CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system was created. This marketing approach to relations with customers has become a separate field of knowledge with its own set of theories and tools to be implemented.

Our company offers you full outsourcing support in this discipline. We run loyalty programs based on databases containing hundreds of thousands of records. We provide full cycle of operations, from the initial mailing, processing of questionnaires and data (double record elimination, address corrections) to selective mailings executed following specific Customer criteria (e.g. birthdays or name day mailing). We offer a reporting system which is adjusted to every Customer's requirements and expectations.

We create databases on the basis of mailed questionnaires. Data is inputted into the computer system by trained operators, and data accuracy is constantly verified. Once all questionnaires are inputted they are then archived in secure storage.
We have vast experience in operating even very complicated CRM systems, with databases of up to hundreds of thousands of customers.