Argo Card, Ltd. is the largest Polish manufacturer of plastic cards, as well as an array of supplied related services. The company specializes in personalization, mailing, fulfillment and advanced Customer Relation Management system operation. The company is a leader in the Polish market due to an 26-year-long experience and because we live up to the highest standards of quality and data security.

We pride ourselves on the production of tens of millions of cards. We service the largest loyalty projects in Poland and with European concerns - valued by such important and demanding partners as Orange, Premium Club, Shell, Statoil and Tchibo. Our customers' confidence is always the most appreciated reward for us.


Our offer is a response to contemporary management trends in which mass marketing is being replaced by relationship marketing. The philosophy consists of adjusting the offer to the needs of every customer by means of the system allowing and gathering process information on the specific customer's needs, contact history with the company, and the manner in which the product is used. To achieve that goal Argo Card specialises in using all of the possibilities offered by the use of plastic cards and applying appropriate IT technologies. Argo Card Partners may count on the design and the organising of mail shot projects to specified addresses, production and the personalisation of plastic cards which - dependant on the needs - may be equipped with magnetic strips, signature strips, bar codes or chips and IT support in processing the gathered information for each and every customer.

Argo Card is undoubtedly the leader in the Polish market place for the production and personalization of plastic cards, as well as an array of card-based mailing and CRM systems. Our competence is confirmed by ISO 9001 compliant procedures, "Teraz Polska" Badge of Quality and - most importantly - our Customers' opinions.